Xcalak, Mexico 2008
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Costa de Cocos lodge, in Xcalak, Mexico is located only a few miles from the Belizean border.  It's a wonderful "end of the road" lodge built in the jungle, with no power or phone lines.  Not to worry, power is supplied by the wind, and a back-up diesel generator just in case it's too calm!  My guests for the week were Rufus Williams, Elbert Bivins and Floyd Sabins.   
The food was wonderful, and we could order whatever we wanted from the menu, which included fresh seafood, such as lobster, grouper, snapper, shrimp and conch.  Local Mexican dishes were also available--chile rellenos, fajitas and tacos.  All alcohol was also included.
The bonefishing was definitely slower than last year, and some days we had trouble locating good numbers of fish and getting into a rhythm.  I speculate this was due to the constant east winds that were present, both day and night.  This blew water into Chetumal bay, raising the water level and consequently spreading the fish out.  We had very high tides for this reason.  Rufus landed the two largest bones of the trip,  both going between 5-6lbs
The permit fishing was good, and I landed three and had a couple other follows during the trip.
There were also plenty of Barracuda, and I hooked three nice fish on the fly, but failed to land any. Two came un-hooked and a third broke me off.  Rufus and Floyd also landed 'cudas.
The tarpon were non-existent.  We did spend some time looking for them, but saw none.
Overall we all had a good time and the fishing was good, in spite of the slower than normal catching.         I look forward to returning.


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