Eleuthera, Bahamas      April 12--May 3, 2008
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    Spent a wonderful three weeks on Eleuthera with my Family and my guests Tom Lucas, Kerry and Nadja Rider, Ernie Kalwa, Ivo Balinov, and Mike & Kristin Krause and their two beautiful children.    Despite windy conditions for many of the days, we had pretty good sun and good fishing.  The fish were a little picky some days, and a bit easier others, but we saw plenty and had lots of good shots at nice fish.  The day I spent with Ernie and Ivo, we caught bones and jacks, and Ivo hooked into three nice jacks--one 10+ lb fish that tore into his backing and cut him off on the reef--no way he was going to stop that fish on a 7wt.  Another jack he fought all the way in, and it came unbuttoned a few feet from our feet.  A third jack, another large one, hit his fly but spit it out immediately and off he swam with his 3 friends.
   The week I spent with Kerry and Tom was fun and we had some good laughs--Tom is an Aussie living in San Diego, while Kerry a true westerner living in Colorado.  Both are excellent fly fishermen-Kerry having been at it over 30 years, and Tom about that long also.  I can still picture Tom on his knees casting to those tailers at Savannah sound--25' from him, dropping his fly almost on their heads-to no avail.    I think I figured out what they are feeding on--tiny snails, smaller than a pea.    We also had fun stalking tailing bones along the beaches--so close that our casts were often less than 20'. 
   Mike and Kristin were not anglers, but  enjoyed the beauty that Eleuthera has to offer.
   What I love most about these trips is sharing the beauty of the flats, beaches, fish and other marine life on the islands with people who also appreciate them.  Also, the anticipation of hunting fish not yet seen when driving down those bumpy sand and rock trails to an isolated flat or beach is addictive.  The excitement of exploring these beautiful areas, not knowing what you will see next, is what keeps me coming back.