Eleuthera 2007
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Two wonderful weeks on Eleuthera from April 7--21, 2007. Fishing on our own, we explored the lower half of Eleuthera. Good fishing, food and camraderie in a beautiful setting. Some good memories from this trip: Tom Olszowy reaching down to release a bonefish in thigh-deep water and a 20+lb 'cuda comes out of nowhere and attacks the fish, just two feet from Tom's hand! He fought the cuda for about 30 seconds, and then his line broke. Close call there.
Tom is fighting a 4' blacktip shark, which jumped 3x out of the water like a steelhead, and during the fight a pelican flies into his line, entangling itself. We didn't land the shark, and got the pelican untangled without injury--what luck.
Lew Abad hooks a 6' shark--no chance of landing that beast (as I advised!)
Lew and Tom hooked bones, boxfish, triggerfish, sharks, 'cudas, & jacks in the three days we fished together.
Rick Kustich, John Bowers & Randy Oppenheimer & myself exploring the island, and meeting "bonefish" Will in Tarpum Bay, on the docks. He enlightened us with his bonefish wisdom, and John returned the favor with a bonefish fly.
Fresh conch salad prepared right on the street in tarpum bay, while we watched.
The new "Boooonefish" independent political party movement that we started on the island that week.
Despite some unsettled weather this second week, we caught bones, triggerfish, jacks, snapper, small 'cudas, some unknown exotic looking fish, and John even got a nassau grouper. A wonderful trip. Can't wait for next year.
Enjoy the pics.