Catskills, June 2011
Trip Report & Photos

Our two hosted weeks on the West Branch of the Delaware are in the books.  Both trips saw great water conditions on the wb, but the hatches and rising fish varied  each week.  The first week the hatches were very sporadic, as were the rising fish.   We nymphed some up, and got some on dries, but rising fish were not present like they were last year' week's.  A good time was had by all, even though the catching was not the best.
We visited some legendary waters, drank plenty of brew, and learned a few more things about the catskill rivers.
Week two was different.  We had some of the most prolific sulphur hatches I've seen, and rising fish were more plentiful.  The hatches were best between early afternoon and 5-6pm, and the action died down after that.  Some big fish were landed, and more were lost!

The WB had very few floating weeds or slime, as it sometimes does, and few weed beds along the bottom.  I guess with all the high water the weeds never got a chance to take root in the bottom.  This was fine with us.

It was a fun trip to a challenging river, and we'll be back at it again next year.  Thank you to all the guests who joined us this year, to Rick Fisher, and to Jules McCann, who makes any trip memorable with his outlandish stories!