Catskills 2010
Trout camp
May 30-June 2 & June 6-9

More photos are found below & more will be added as I receive them from all guests

The first segment of our Catskills trip is now in the books.  We had some tough conditions but we had a good trip nonetheless.  Some nice fish were caught.   As usual the fish of the west branch of the Delaware can be temperamental-good drifts, the right fly and a lot of patience are needed to be rewarded while fishing this river.  On the West branch we did have an issue with floating moss, which at times fouled our flies.  The last two evenings we had some really good fishing and some good hatches, especially Monday evening. Lots of fish were rising including some nice fish, a few of which were caught. 

In the evenings sulphurs were on the menu, while during the day it was mostly sulphurs again.  We did get over to fish the Beaverkill for two mornings, where caddis emergers worked well in the pocket water.  However, the water temps there were in the low-mid 60’s in the am, and hitting 70 by early afternoon.  It's still amazingly beautiful river and fun to fish and a few nice fish were caught there also.  Jules hooked a 16 to 17 inch brook trout on the Beaverkill which he lost at his feet, as well as some nice brown trout.

We had great riverfront lodging on the West branch just below Deposit, and because of the low water very few boats were floating the river and generally the crowds were fairly light for a holiday weekend. We didn't see too many other anglers on the Beaverkill either.

The last night, even though there were not a ton of bugs, we landed three 19+” Brown's!  They were beautifully colored wild browns and amazingly strong.   Fish like this can make your trip!

It was enjoyable eating early dinners with the guys, having a beer or two before heading out for evening hatch, and of course gathering once again to compare notes and tell stories.  We had a great group of guys (and one gal-Jill-who was a hell of an angler!)  Jules McCann has to be one of the funniest people I've ever met. He's got so many stories he had us all laughing.

Our second trip to the Catskills was a success, with great conditions and fishing on the West Branch of the Delaware.  Evening sulphur hatches were outstanding, with lots of fish rising.  During the day you could find rising fish, you just had to search a little harder.  We had a super bunch of guys, and several have already signed up for the same week next year.  Here are some photos of our trip.

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