British Columbia 2007
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Here are some pics from my trip to British Columbia.   More pictures to follow as I am still receiving them from everyone.
All of my arrangements were made thru Elk River Guiding Company    
Ned Cooper and Paul Samycia, owners of Elk River Guiding Co. (the fly shop in Fernie) did a wonderful job for my two groups, and they also arranged our lodging in the town home we rented. My clients fished with guides Louie and his wife Donna, John, Darren and other guides during the week. We will return next year and again enlist the help of Ned and Paul and their wonderful staff.
Luckily, we were able to escape the extreme heat and higher than normal water temps of Montana, and water temps were perfect in BC. High forties to low 50's in the am, and mid to upper 50's by late afternoon.
We had a wonderful two weeks fishing the Elk river and it's tributaries. The west slope cutthroats are wide and strong, and there were plenty of Bull trout around to keep things extra interesting. We saw bears, moose, bald eagles and many deer. It was dry fly heaven!  The beauty of the Canadian rockies, the hikes on the small and medium sized remote streams, the beautiful fish and wildlife, the friends who provided good company along the streams, sharing stories of the day over cocktails while watching the sun set:  memories we'll never forget.
   "Hi Vince, thanks for the e-mail on our trip to "BC".  I  must tell you that I immediately fell in love with "BC".  I loved our Montana trip last year and declared it God's country , but I must say if Montana is God's country "BC" is heaven.  The Elk river and it's tributaries were awesome, beautiful and full of gorgeous "cutts".  I will never forget the beauty and size of the "cutts" we caught in the smaller tributaries where wading and walking were a nice break from the float trips.   I will forever be grateful for you introducing me to these wonderful trout waters where the rivers are mesmerizing  and the mountains capture your soul.
   The accommodations were exceptional and thank you for giving me the penthouse on the 3rd floor of the chalet  with the spectacular view of the Canadian Rockies.  I enjoyed our group very much, their willingness to fish with me, give me tips and  making me a little better fly fisher.  I enjoyed Ed Luba very much; he is a gentleman , great fisher, wonderful cook and a very special person  I enjoyed our home cooked meals after fishing all day, sitting at the table and sharing our fishing stories for the day.  "Fishman" and Dave were the best.
   I would fish "BC" again in a heart beat and truly believe that God leads us to people who allow us to see His magnificent creations."        Sheila Ditullio

"Vince, where does one start-the trip to the elk was beyond great it was unbelievable. Let’s start with the fishing-I have never had trout so willing to take the dry and not only take it but attack it as if it was some villain about to invade their home. To be able to watch the fish come from the depths to attack the fly was totally out of control. Also the bull that tried to eat the cut which must have been 17” long, his head comes out of the water with the trout in his mouth- it looked like the movie jaws as the great white would come up and take his victims. The different rivers and streams we fished in the back country as you and ED would be blowing your whistles to keep the local wildlife at bay. And how about our trip to the bull and the bear-do you think Ed was a little nervous? The mountains were beautiful, the lodgings were first class and Ed did a excellent job with the dinners. Also all the folks at fly shop were great and it was a pleasure to meet all of them. And I must not forget all the new friends I have made on this trip, so Vince great job and thanks for an unforgettable trip."                   Rick Fisher

"Vince, broken rods not withstanding,  I can't express how much fun I had and how enjoyable it was to fish with you, Ed and some great new friends.  I look forward to doing it again next year with better boots and repaired fly rods.  I'll have a CD in the mail tomorrow."          Dave Tooke

"The trip to Fernie was AAA+++.  The fishing was amazing!  The amenities were great!
We are on board for next year.  Thanks for setting the whole thing up, it was a great experience."            Jim Fashano


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