Eleuthera, Bahamas 2009

I got to spend two wonderful weeks on Eleuthera with my family snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, drinking some kailks, and of course, fishing.  Had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with Jerry Hustak, from Olean NY, for a couple days.  Also got to meet the infamous Danes--the three fly guys from Denmark who traveled all the way to Eleuthera to fish for bones, sharks, 'cudas--basically anything that swims in the ocean.

I mainly concentrated my fishing on a few of my favorite spots.  The areas where good sized bones come into shallow water to feed--often tailing in very skinny water.  It the most challenging and technical bonefishing, and you don't rack up big numbers, but it is addictive.  It also doesn't usually last more than a couple hours at a time, and when the tide gets too high or too low it's all over.

I did catch jacks, snapper, grouper, and bones.  Even managed to catch my first Almaco jack.  I'll add that to my fly caught species list.  56 species so far.

Did some fantastic snorkeling with my boys and saw lionfish (a new invasive species in the Bahamas), cowfish (boxfish), triggers, parrotfish, tangs, a cool eel, snapper, grouper and numerous other smallish aquarium-type species.  Sea fans and brain coral are plentiful.

Eleuthera is a great place for a family vacation--great beaches for swimming and snorkeling, and nice bones around for a fun diversion.  You can feel like you are on a remote island paradise, yet some great restaurants are a short drive away.